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Babba is what my grandchildren call me. I am proud of this name   because of what it means. In Swahili, an African language, it is the name given to the man who is the eldest leader of the family. It means more than father, or grandfather; it means that you are the head of the family, and that your family respects you for your wisdom, your love, your protection, and your inspiration; a name born from respect, and nurtured with love.

When Christian was less than one year old, he gave me a Father’s Day card that was about what it means to be called Babba. When I read it, I said, “When you learn to talk, I want you to call me Babba. I want all of my grandchildren to call me Babba. In fact, I would like all children who need me to be that in their lives, to call me, Babba.”

It was Christian’s seventh birthday, and I wanted his Babba to tell him some special things; things that would fill him with hope; things that would encourage him; things that would teach him how to give his best efforts in life; things that would make him wise to what it takes to be at peace with himself and those around him.

Above all else, I wanted to be sure that Christian knew that Jesus is, and will always be, the most important part in keeping his life together,

I was looking at a recent photo of Christian playing baseball, so his Babba put his hopes for Christian into a poem about baseball. I hoped it would inspire Christian. His Babba hoped it would inspire all children, and you as well.

Stay encouraged!