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The features that distinguish Goode God Greetings' cards from most you might find on the internet.

  • The messages are filled with love and joy and hope.


  • Each page has it's own beauty and has a message.

  • Full, beautifully designed cover pages.

  • Original poetry on the inside cover.

  • A beautiful sentiment on the salutation page.

  • Each card is designed to be a keepsake.

  • The finest materials are used.

  • Most greeting cards can be personalized.

  • ​The cards you give will not only be appreciated; they will also be cherished!

A well spoken sentiment can change your life; or at least, brighten your day!

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Our goal is to share the joy of the love of Christ toward us and the power that joy can have in our relationships; that He might be glorified and that those who receive our cards may stay encouraged!

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