Goode God Greetings is a greeting card design and manufacturing company. Our value state-ment is to provide high quality shelf ready and custom order greeting cards that offer a real value as well as great ‚Äčencouragement to wholesome relationships between people and their family and friends. 

Our web-site,, serves as the primary platform for our products and services, but they are also available in select book stores and card shops. 

about us

Goode god greetings greeting cards

     The concept of Goode God Greetings grew out of my desire to share my God given calling for writing, especially poetic words of encouragement. About 35 years ago, I saw a need for greeting cards that would be more sensitive to the sentimental communications needed in real relationships than those generally found in the greeting card aisle. Out of my personal frustration, my immediate course of action was to begin making holiday and special occasion cards for an ever expanding circle of family and friends. Though the cards were a remedy to my personal dilemma, the dream of someday forming my own company was lost in my daily pursuits of corporate America.

     As the years went by, the cards evolved to the point where they were often more anticipated than the gifts that went with them. I was constantly encouraged to offer the cards to the public. In my mind I continuously prepared for this season in my life, because in my spirit, I knew that this would be the time to begin. I have built a considerable portfolio, and I am anxious for you to sample our product.

      In addition to the greeting cards and note cards, God has inspired me to create many other forms of written communications, including an anthology of poems and essays that are in my book, Whispers Just Before Dawn, as well as a soon to be released novel, Our Season in Grasmere. That is why the name: Goode God Greetings. I have agreed with God that His gift in my life will be used for my provision and to His Glory. He is my partner in every sense of the word. The title is a play on words of that partnership that expresses the very nature of His essence: He is a Goode God!